Bluegrass Brewing Company in St. Matthews, 3929 Shelbyville Rd., turned 21 on Nov. 1, and, of course, threw itself a big party, where it introduced its Anniversary Ale, based on its excellent British-style Nut Brown Ale.
Artist Wayne Ferguson has restored the original BBC mascot, the Wort Hog statue that had suffered indignities like losing an arm and its head over the years. The Wort Hog image has been the logo on BBC  merchandise, and the mascot of the Wort Hog Club, a group of craft beer aficionados who have remained loyal over the decades.
Bluegrass Brewing Company was an early pioneer of craft beer, and has continued to be a strong and growing presence in the community, with several outlets, including the new-opened Craft House on Frankfort Ave.
The St. Matthews area around the original BBC location has changed greatly—gone is Bacon’s Furniture store, Dutch’s Tavern and Maier’s Tavern, replaced by Mellow Mushroom, The Tin Roof and a second outlet of Molly Malone’s. Through all the changes, BBC has remained a brewing stalwart, and anchor for both St. Matthews and other craft brewers that have sprung up in the last 20 years.