That new portmanteau word, “beer-unch”, is to call attention to a different sort of meal pairing. Harvest, 624 E. Market St., is collaborating with Goodwood Brewing Co., around the corner on 636 Main St., to offer a brunch tomorrow, Saturday, March 19, with dishes paired with Goodwood beers, followed by a tour of the brewery.

The brunch menu starts with a duck confit and fuji apple crepe, paired with Goodwood’s Red Wine Saison. The main course is a “black and tan” corned beef Benedict with a Louisville Lager hollandaise, which will be served with a Goodwood black and tan made with Louisville Lager — brewed with Kentucky-grown grains — and Goodwood Bourbon Barrel Stout. Vegetarian options will also be available upon request.

The brunch dessert will be a cocoa nib and sea salt granola made with malted fromage blanc, a Belgian white cheese, and chocolate creameaux. That dish comes with Goodwood Walnut Brown Ale.

Goodwood president Phil Dearner, will be on hand to describe the beers, and Harvest chef Patrick Roney will talk about each of his dishes, and discuss his thinking about why the beer pairings work with the food. After the diners are finished, they get a private tour of the brewery and barrel rooms with Dearner – and, will get to take home a pint of Goodwood beer of his or her choice.

There will be two brunch seatings, 10:30 a.m. or 12:30 p.m. The brunch and beer pairings will be $35. Call Harvest at (502) 384-9090.