Bentuhua (pronounced Bent-wah) Tea House & Taiwanese Small Eats has opened at 2520 Frankfort Ave. The tea house portion of the menu offers Taiwanese selections such as Jasmine Scented Oolong, Organic Jade Oolong, Baguashan Mi Xian Black Tea several selections of Boba Milk Tea with flavors ranging from taro to rose milk to strawberry cream.
The food menu features noodle-based dishes, soups, dumplings and Taiwanese meatballs, most priced at under $9. Diners can find dishes such as Taiwan Beef Noodle Soup, Oyster Vermicelli, Chinese Rice Tamales and a dish called Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, a Taiwanese stew that includes pork, chicken, squid, chestnuts, bamboo and more. The menu said the name is “derived from the notion that its aroma is so enticing that even Buddha would’ve jumped over the wall to eat it.”
The new restaurants shares a building with Crescent Hill Radio. It’s open weekdays, 11 a.m.-3 p.m.