Since Josh Bettis became the executive chef at The Brown Hotel in November, he’s focused on teaching the culinary team there “my style of cooking and my expectations,” and “working on contemporizing the menu.

During a recent media luncheon at the English Grill, it was clear he’s well on his way to accomplishing those objectives.
Reporters and news producers tasted several dishes Bettis will roll out on upcoming menus, dishes that, while out of season in January, will appear scattered throughout subsequent menus according to their harvest seasons.
Based on the 11 samples we enjoyed, of Diners should expect assertive but balanced flavors from fresh, local ingredients.
Bettis also is big on contrasting textures, pairing pressed watermelon with raw tuna, lobster consommé with fennel pollen pearls, firm-fleshed roasted monkfish with curried banana, and lemon semifreddo and rosemary pine nut brittle.
In short, just imagine you’re in for a treat.