If you’re a local beer fan, you likely lapped up a half pint—not a full one—of Bo & Luke, the high gravity craft collaboration brew by Against the Grain Brewery and world renowned Dutch brewmaster Menno Oliver from DeMolen brewery.

Until now the beast of a brew (14 percent ABV) has been available only on draft—when you could even find it—but now it’s in bottles and ready at ATG’s Sept. 12 release party.
And what a party it’ll be: In addition to the evening’s release, The Solid Rock It Boosters will pound out their rockabilly sound, and four-packs, including four different incarnations of Bo & Luke, will be sold for $69.
Sound pricey?
Look at it this way: Each 750 ml. bottle of imperial stout contains about 25 ounces of bourbon barrel-aged brew, which pours out to two sizeable servings of potent potable. A 10-ounce pour typically costs $10 a serving in some bars, so if you do the math, you’re getting an $80 deal for $69.
Just as cool: You can leave these bottles to age in your fridge for a long time to come. That’s nice to have on hand when the celebratory mood strikes sometime down the road.
Presale of the four-packs began Aug. 31 at Against the Grain, so it’s likely wise to grab yours while you have the chance. You can pick up your package on Sept. 14, as well as any packs that weren’t pre-sold.