Restaurant industry magazine Pizza Today ran a major feature in its May 2014 issue about Louisville pizza and craft beer magnate Tony Palombino, written by the magazine’s managing editor.

The story begins by noting the staying power of Palombino in a cut-throat business, with the most recent sales figures of over $8 million, and mentioning that his business is on the “brink of regional expansion.”
The long story goes on to cover Palombino’s personal history, and the success of his two big ideas–first delivering gourmet pizzas made with top ingredients, and then recognizing the synergy between craft beer and upscale pizza, leading to his rebranding some of his stores as pizza taphouses.
“I saw this demand for craft beer, which tied in perfectly with craft pizza,” the article quotes Palombino as saying.  In the article, which you can read in its entirety here, Palombino discusses the importance of working with knowledgeable beer people, of devising ways to capture market share, his techniques for local marketing event tie-ins, and the trade off between offering carryout and delivery.
The article ( also contains a flattering photo of Palombino.