Even the most adventurous diners are creatures of habit. So why not make eating out more fun this year by trying new things, as in several things, i.e. at least one totally new thing each month?

Haven’t tried sushi yet? You’re overdue.
Haven’t squirreled away a few extra bucks to go to one of those snazzy paired-course wine or beer or bourbon dinners? Put it on the schedule.
Not venturing out of your ‘hood to eat at some interesting international restaurants? Get behind the wheel and go for it.

Louisville has an incredible variety of food and drink options that few ever fully exploit. And what a great problem that is to have.
In the following blog, there are several suggestions on how you could invigorate your meals and cocktails enjoyed away from home, but we’d like to hear your suggestions as well.
So share some in the comments section and let us know what you’ll do in the brand-spanking New Year to enjoy one of our city’s most amazing entertainment resources.
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