The foodie blogosphere lit up Jan. 2 when word began circulating that Cake Flour, an excellent bakery in NuLu for more than five years, has closed shop in order to move to an undisclosed location.

Regarding the relocation, owner-baker Claudia DeLatorre posted the following message on Cake Flour’s blog:
Greetings Friends and Patrons everywhere!  We wish you great happiness in the New Year!  At Cake Flour we are looking forward to 2014 with great excitement, as it will bring about some thrilling changes for us.  Looking back over the past 5 ½ years, we have fond thoughts of our many loyal customers and their support. We would like to thank each of you who have helped us to make Cake Flour the successful natural bakery it is today.    In order to continue our mission of providing all-natural, organic goodness in our bakery, Cake Flour, will be moving to a new location.  We hope you will join us in our excitement as we grow in a new direction.   As always we will continue to serve you with quality, real food.  We look forward to creating your custom cakes, pastries, cookies, and more very soon.   Please stay tuned for the official announcement at our new location. Again, we appreciate the opportunity to serve your bakery needs and appreciate your patience as we make this move.
All the best in the New Year to you & yours,
Chef Claudia
So far no one has a good idea as to why Cake Flour has moved, but we wish DeLatorre all the best in her new location—and hope it’s nearer to our homes!