Yep, we’re proud: One of our own feature writers, Carla Carlton, grabbed a first place honor in the Midwest Travel Writers Association’s 2013 Mark Twain Awards.

Her feature, “NuLu Redux,” featured in our winter 2012 issue was one of 39 entries in the contest’s magazine category, typically one of the association’s most hotly contested areas.
Judge Doug Ward said this about the piece: “This article earned the top spot through its rich interviews, insightful observation and attention to small details, all woven together in an impressively crafted portrait of a revived Louisville neighborhood.”
If you’ve not read the article, you should, if only for the fact that you’d get even more excited about what’s happening in NuLu. Gill Holland, one of the original investors behind the area’s revival, said in the article that the East Market corridor is only half developed, that there’s room for even more businesses. Great news!
So, yeah, we’re tooting our own horn on this one while mostly giving props to Carla for her excellent work. Bravo!
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