After dinner service on Saturday, Nov. 28, Fernando Martinez and his OLE Restaurant Group, will close Cena, the modern Italian restaurant located below Mussel & Burger Bar, 9200 Taylorsville Rd., in order to convert those spacious rooms into overflow for the popular M&BB upstairs, and as space for private parties for patrons of its other concepts, including Artesano Vino Tapas y Mas and Guaca Mole.
As Insider Louisville reported in an interview with Martinez, while Cena was doing fairly well, Martinez came to the conclusion that that Jeffersontown location was not ideal for the fine dining upscale Italian cuisine concept. With growing demand for party space, especially with the holidays approaching, Martinez thought the rooms in the basement could be put to better use.
Cena’s kitchen will become its full-time pastry commissary for all its Louisville restaurants, plus a prep kitchen for Mussel & Burger Bar upstairs, which will free up space in the restaurant area.
Cena is not finished as a restaurant idea for Martinez and his group. He is looking for other locations where the concept might work more positively.