As a print publication, we strive to report without error. We did not, however, achieve that in the issue that just hit newsstands.
In the Fall issue we incorrectly reported that Gavi’s, located downtown at 222 S. Seventh Street (502.583.8183) had closed.
A series of events, including a gas explosion that affected them and several other downtown businesses, led us to believe they had closed. We were wrong.
To the good folks at Gavi’s, we send out our sincere apologies for our error. And if you have not visited them lately, now’s as good a time as any.
The fun menu that blends Russian, American, and Italian offerings is unique in the downtown area.  At breakfast you can find classic American fare, and at lunch, the kitchen staff constructs fine American-style sandwiches and burgers, along with an eclectic range of choices such as stuffed cabbage rolls, beef stroganoff,  baked fish in a carrot sauce, two varieties of borscht (beet and spinach), leek soup and a Russian vegetable soup called schi.  Daily specials extend the offerings, and a catering service can whip up lots of other Russian-influenced dishes.