The liquor scene around here just keeps getting better by the day …

Given that brandy is considered a cold-weather warmer for humans’ shivering insides, it might have been favorable to report that Copper & Kings American Brandy will open now—when it’s freezing and there’s freakin’ ice all over the trees!

But since businesses don’t always open in step with the seasons, we’ll just report that the Butchertown distiller at 1111 East Washington St. plans to open this spring. And what of it anyway? We bourbon loving folk like our bold spirits year ‘round, so why not sip some brandy then, too?
According to its Website, Copper & Kings wants to make apple and grape brandies, but in a bolder, non-traditional American style. Whether than means they’re going to be more interesting than those from across the pond remains to be seen. But if the distiller can alter brandy as well as American distillers have amped up gin, then it should be really good stuff.
Insider Louisville’s Steve Kaufmann did a nifty and more detailed piece on Copper & Kings. Click here to have a look.