Of note in the realm of pig news, F&D’s spirit columnist Steve Coomes (whose recent F&D article explains the intricacies of tequila very nicely, and discusses the affinity of that spirit with our native bourbon) has published “Country Ham: A Southern Tradition of Hogs, Salt & Smoke.”

Coomes has traveled extensively in Kentucky and neighboring states that have a ham-curing tradition, the products of which have been getting wider attention in recent years, as chefs nationally and internationally get wised up to the fact that American native hams can be as fine an artisanal product as any produced in Europe.
His book covers the history of country hams, visits ham ham houses and lets the ham-makers tell their own stories of the traditions they respect, and the new ideas they are trying out, such as Newsom’s efforts at making prosciutto.
Later in the Fall, Sept. 13, at 4 p.m., Coomes will discuss his book at Carmichael’s Bookstore, 2720 Frankfort Ave., and, of course, sign them for buyers.
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