It appears a new restaurant will be built in the near future on the grounds last home to Azalea restaurant but originally Bauer’s 1870s Tavern—a really long time ago.

Since Azalea closed in 2007, the property had fallen into significant disrepair, but when private developers sought to raze the structure, preservationists successfully designated it an historic landmark in 2008.

Five years later it looks historical alright, as in neglected- and rotting-historic. But it appears that’s going to change.
On March 27, Louisville’s Individual Landmarks Architectural Review Committee approved designs for erecting a doctors’ office building on the site of the restaurant, and for constructing a new restaurant to the right of that building. The new upscale casual restaurant will be called Mesh and be operated by the Cunningham Restaurant Group in Indianapolis.
Preservationists aren’t too keen on Mesh’s contemporary design, so its final look isn’t finished.
What pleased preservationists about the tavern cum doctors’ office site was developers agreed to preserve as many 2” x 4” studs from the old structure’s north and west walls to be reused in the foundation of the new structure. The studs will not be visible in the new doctors’ offices.
We repeat, you’ll never see them.
What you can see are some proposed designs for the new structures in these stories from
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