Fond, the newest addition to the eclectic food and dining mix along Frankfort Ave., is now open for business at 2520 Frankfort Ave. Today is the first day of operation for personal chef Madeleine Dee, who is offering a selection of baked goods (including what she is calling her $100 cake), coffee and tea, heat-at-home dinners and locally produced goods such as produce from Ashbourne Farms and a limited amount of kimchi from Funked and Fermented Kimchi Lab.

Dee will be open today, Friday, Oct. 2, until 1 p.m.. Her regular hours will be 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Tuesday-Thursday, and 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Sunday. On Friday and Saturday evenings she will offer dinners for up to 12 people for $75 a person (BYOB). You can book a full party of 12, or join a smaller group of strangers – a great way to meet new people. By “subscribing” to 3 or more dinners, you get one-third off them all, a series for $50 per person each dinner.

Five dates for dinners are booked solid, Dee says, but there are open spaces at many of other dates to fill out the table. The phone for Fond: Louisville’s Homemade Grocery Store is (502) 727-3631; email is The web site is