We’ve stumbled across a food blog that had us laughing hysterically to the point of tears.

But, if you are easily offended, this tip isn’t for you.
ThugKitchen is what would happen if Jamie Oliver had a Def Comedy Jam special. This foul-mouthed blog carries an R rating for strong language, but the message being delivered is heartfelt. Even if you don’t think you can cook well, you’re still capable of eating well. Dr. Thug’s mission, it seems, is to get you to eat healthy—or as he would put it, to “eat like you give a f**k.”
Recent recipes include a Summer Tempeh Sammie, Sundried Tomato Spread, and Quinoa Oatmeal (full of enough fiber and protein it’ll make you go to work and punch the clock…IN THE FACE.)
Check out the site for more recipes. But be prepared to reevaluate what you had for lunch. Also, you might not want to go to the site from your work computer. Or with you Grandma present. We warned you.