In the last issue of F&D, humor columnist Jay Forman expatiated whimsically on food truck ideas he would like to see.  One of his amusing musings suggested that perhaps it was time for a food truck devoted to provisioning pets.
He started this bagatelle with the joking caveat that he had not checked out the listings in New York or Portland, places most likely to actually have come up with such a venture, but it turns out he did not reckon with the entrepreneurial spirit of Texans.
An item on reports on just such a pet food truck operating in Houston.  It serves doggie treats, including ice cream, to pampered pets, and even carries a selection of doggie toys.  The treats are all-natural of course, and a percentage of the profits are donated back to the “pet community.”
We don’t know just how wide the circulation of the magazine is, but perhaps, somehow, our humor columnist’s insight into social trends inspired this idea.  We are just proud that Jay Forman is so plugged into the zeitgeist that he foresaw this trend  by a month or two in our very pages.