Like beer with your dinner? If so, get your forks and glasses ready on July 23, when Harvest will feature a meal paired with brews from Louisville’s own Against the Grain Brewery & Smokehouse.

Harvest executive chef Coby Ming has created a four-course menu to match brews supplied by the eclectic, envelope-pushing brewery that’s sure to lead your palate into never-before charted taste territory.
The evening begins with a reception at 6:30 p.m., followed by dinner at 7. (And you really don’t have to bring your own place setting. They take care of all that. It’s rustic, but still classy.)
Fresh off a European brewfest and brewery tour, where they collaborated on new beers with peers there, Jerry Gnagy and Sam Cruz will be on hand to talk about their creations and why they work so well with food.
OK, enough about all that, here’s the menu:
Opening surprises: Concrete Sledge Shandy made from Concrete Sledge Rye Pale Ale, citrus-ginger syrup, Bulleit Rye and capshew lemon vinegar, paired with a “snacky” of pickled vegetable skewer (cucumber, kohlrabi, beets, sweet potatoes, broccoli stem, cabbage, onions) garnished with pickled egg)
First course: cauliflower Lucid Creaming beer cheese soup, buttered pretzel roll, pickled purple cauliflower relish, paired with Lucid Creaming
Second course: crisped spicy chicken wing confit, smoky pork belly rillette potato salad, creme fraiche vinaigrette, paired with Boom Goes the Dynamite sour wheat ale
Third course: Polish Joak beer-brined, braised and glazed corned beef brisket, herb potato puree, roasted beet gremolata and crispy sweet potatoes paired with Dude do Tang
Fourth course: chocolate cake, An Ale Pleasure ganache, black raspberry ice cream, chocolate candy An Ale Pleasure imperial rye stout
Wanna go? Call 502-384-9090 for reservations.