The New Albany News & Tribune did a fine piece on several Jeffersonville restaurants ready to open for business when the Indiana side of the Big Four Bridge walking path opens this fall.

If you’ve been on the bridge and walked to the other side, you have to agree that it’s kind of pitiful to see the walkers peer through the temporary fence keeping pedestrians from completing the journey to Hoosier Land. You can tell people really want to make the connection and enjoy some refreshments in Jeffersonville after what amounts to a pretty good stroll.
And while we’re on the subject, why aren’t Louisville businesses yet allowed to do the same? Save for the nearby Tumbleweed and the not nearly nearby Relish, there’s nothing to eat or drink on the Louisville side. Seems to me we’re missing a huge opportunity to not only serve local customers, but Indiana customers who’d walk over here—and all the tax revenue that generates!
Just sayin’.
Big Four Burgers + Beer will move into the former Third Base Tavern building on Spring Street. Good grub and 30 beers on tap. What’s not to like?
Olive Leaf Bistro: Mediterranean restaurant with lots of outdoor seating.
Red Yeti Brewing: Hello: another brewpub! How cool!
The article lists several other restaurants that aren’t new, but plan to capitalize on the expansion. Click here to read more.