Even in my younger years, when I was an avid hiker in the White Mountains, and needed a source of long-lasting, easy-to-carry-for-days-in-a-backpack protein, I never really took to jerky. But I seem to be in a minority, for jerky seems to be having a moment of cultural resurgence. The case in point: the opening of Jerky Outlet at t 9850 Von Allmen Court (near Cabela’s at Brownsboro Crossing).

According to a story in Insider Louisville, Jerky Outlet sells hundreds of different types of jerky in his new store. Along with the usual dried beef, Jerky Outlet offers more exotic choices, such as jerky made from alligator, kangaroo,elk and venison, salmon and turkey.

Jerky Outlet’s slogan is that it caters to People Eating Tasty Animals, and so it sells PETA T-shirts, obviously just to annoy those other PETA people. The store also seems hot sauces, dry rubs, pickles, candies, popcorn, summer sausage, jams and jellies and cheese curds.

The jerky comes in  three styles, a dryer, more traditional jerky; a moister, softer and thicker cut; and a premium jerky, which retains enough moisture that it needs to be refrigerated.. There are also flavor choices, including smoked beef and several levels of hot pepper heart, culminating the the ghost pepper flavored jerky.