Louisvillians now have an easy and delicious way to support the work of the Food Literacy Project at Oxmoor Farm by simply enjoying a scoop of The Comfy Cow’s latest culinary masterpiece, Just Beet It.

Yes, the good dudes who brought you Ginger Two Snaps (get the joke, “In Living Color” fans?) have drawn on the veggie harvest to create a beet-accented ice cream that makes a Michael Jackson reference that’ll be playing for hours on the jukebox of your mind. It’s comedy gold writ cold on your tongue!
So, when you quit laughing and actually buy some, 20 percent of the proceeds from your purchase go to the Food Literacy Project, one of our city’s noblest causes. The group’s work supports experiential education programs at Oxmoor Farm, including the Youth Community Agriculture Program (YCAP).
Through YCAP, local teens experience the importance of hard work and determination while growing vegetables. Those teens also develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills while addressing food insecurity and hunger issues in the Louisville area.
As Corbett’s: An American Place proved shortly after it opened a few years ago, beet ice cream rocks. So don’t assume this tastes like dirt. It’s really good.
According to a news release, it debuted at the Food Literacy Project’s annual Field-to-Fork Dinner at Marketplace Restaurant last month and was well received. No surprise there since all Comfy Cow flavors are terrific.
This is a limited-time offer, however, which ends Oct. 31. So beat a path to your nearest Comfy Cow and load up on some beet ice cream. It’s probably loaded with anti-oxidants and good stuff, so what further motivation do you need?