It’s been a few years since Kaelin’s Restaurant, the self-proclaimed genesis of the cheeseburger, closed and opened anew as Mulligan’s Pub. Now the name is back, only slapped onto a new coffeehouse-café sharing the same property as the pub.

Dubbed—wait for it—Kaelin’s Coffeehouse, the spot is much more than a java joint. According to its Facebook page, once it opens officially on Wednesday (3/20), it’ll serve lunch and dinner, breakfast, homemade cookies, muffins, pies and more.
Those of us old enough to remember Kaelin’s as serving Colonel Sanders’ truly original recipe (Carl Kaelin was a franchisee prior to Kentucky Fried Chicken becoming a corporation under John Y Brown, Jr.) still dream about that perfectly seasoned bird and lard-laced biscuits. And though the coffeehouse won’t be serving it, Baby Boomers are sure to return just for name and nostalgia. (Even the “If you can’t stop, please wave!” sign is still there.)
It’s located at 1801 Newburg Road, where Speed Avenue ends at St. Agnes Elementary. Their phone number is (502) 632-2818.
They will be open Monday through Saturday from 6:30am until 10pm, and Sundays 8am until 8pm.