For his sixth outing at New York City’s culinary mecca, the James Beard House, Thursday, July 10, Anthony Lamas of Seviche–A Latin Restaurant, Bardstown Rd., will create a dinner using sustainably-harvested seafood.

For several years now Lamas has been working with Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program, keeping a weather eye on the ever-changing status of the seafood harvests around the world, and ordering only what current best-information assessments say are fish taken in sustainable methods from stocks that are not being over-fished.
With possible changes due to updated information, Lamas is planning on serving this menu:
The hors d’oeuvres, will be pole caught Pacific albacore ceviche with pickled strawberries, seafood albondigas and oyster Bloody Mary shooters.
The dinner menu at the moment will be pole-caught Atlantic big-eye tuna tiradito,  heirloom tomato gazpacho with Chesapeake Bay blue crab, sea scallops with fava bean–Indiana corn succotash and wild Alaskan salmon with shrimp chaufa.
For dessert, of course, he will introduce New York diners to his avocado Ice cream with chocolate truffle pit.
Chefs have to bring with them–at their own expense–all of their ingredients, the wines and other drinks paired with each course, and the staff to make it all happen in the tiny kitchen at the Beard House. For an insider’s take on the beautiful chaos of preparing and serving a Beard House dinner, see Steve Coomes’s F&D story from Fall 2012 detailing Chef John Varanese’s trip to cook at the Beard House.
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