News that Seviche will be featured on an upcoming Food Network show got us asking: What other Louisville restaurants have made it to the national small screen?

And wouldn’t you know it, just as there’s an app for nearly everything, there’s a website,, that shows which restaurants in each town have been featured.
Here’s the local list:

  • Bluegrass Brewing Co. (Drinking Made Easy—Barrel-aged beers)
  • Brown Hotel (J. Graham’s Café/The English Grill) (Throwdown With Bobby Flay—Hot brown throwdown with Joe and John Castro, Man Vs. Food—Hot Brown)
  • Buck’s Restaurant & Bar (Drinking Made Easy—Bourbon Trail)
  • Cake Flour Bakery (Best Thing I Ever Ate—Flourless Chocolate Cake)
  • Jockey Silks Bourbon Bar (Drinking Made Easy—country’s largest selection of Kentucky Bourbons)
  • Lynn’s Paradise Café (Best Thing I Ever Ate—Hot Brown, Man Vs. Food—Triple B French Toast, Throwdown With Bobby Flay—Breakfast throwdown with Lynn Winter)
  • The Bar at Blu Mediterranean (Drinking Made Easy—Bourbon Trail)
  • The Belle of Louisville (Drinking Made Easy—Golden Antler)
  • The Comfy Cow (Man Vs. Food—15 scoops of ice cream plus four different toppings slathered with whipped cream)
  • The Old Seelbach Bar (Drinking Made Easy—mentioned in the Great Gatsby)


  • Claudia Sanders Dinner House (Food Paradise—fried chicken)

Follow this link to see why those restaurants (or restaurants within hotels) were featured to know why they got the air time. Some make sense, while others … well, you decide.
In the end, it’s all good exposure for the city that never stops eating … because it’s constantly getting new restaurants.