Susan Hershberg’s reputation as a top-flight caterer is long established. Here’s a great example:

Once, we were at an outdoor dinner for 100 at Foxhollow Farm, the day was sunny, bright and breezy–and in comes a rouge thunderstorm that soaked every chair, piece of glassware and silverware her servers had set out on the tables.
A mess? Not to Hershberg, who catered the high-dollar event. With admirable aplomb, she gestured to the already cleared sky and said, “We’ve still got daylight, the rain cooled off a hot day, we’ve got an hour before guests sit down for dinner so we’ve got plenty of time to reset. Trust me, this isn’t the worst thing that’s happened to me in this job!”
In the past few years she’s extended her reach into the Louisville market by adding Wiltshire on Market restaurant and Wiltshire Bakery & Café. Same stellar results, just as we expected.
Such growth requires a loyal staff and an expanding one. And there’s no surprise that a cool lady like Hershberg wanted to share with us notice of some promotions of the old guard with some appointments of new ones. Why? Because she likes to give others credit. That’s one way you keep loyal employees lie she has.

  • Oscar Maldonado promoted to executive chef (formerly of Village Anchor and L&N Wine Bar & Bistro)
  • Christian Johnson promoted to sous chef (formerly of The Blind Pig)
  • Reed Johnson hired as sous chef (previously of Against the Grain)
  • Kari Blanas is now chef de cuisine at Wiltshire Pantry Bakery & Café