“Best Chefs America Presents: The American South,” the first in a series of regional guides to American cuisine, has recognized a number of Louisville chefs.

Included in 2014 edition are Bobby Benjamin, Adam Burress, Kathy Cary, Dean Corbett, Anthony Lamas, Edward Lee, Brian Lynch, Fernando Martinez, Coby Ming, Josh Moore, Tyler Morris, Hiko Nakanishi, Annie Pettry, Kevin Rice, David Scales, Troy Schuster, Michael Ton, Bruce Ucan, John Varanese, Levon Wallace and Shawn Ward.
For Tyler Morris, executive chef at Rye, this is the first year making the list.  All the others named above also were cited in last year’s volume.
Starting last year, the Best Chefs America organization began their peer review guide of chefs in the U.S., highlighting the top one percent of chefs in the country. The book was the result of more than 5,000 one-on-one interviews with chefs across the country to find out who chefs think are the best.
“As the result of months of research and detailed interviews with chefs for Best Chefs America, we discovered that regional trends and cuisine culture were recurring themes. Chefs from each state pride themselves and are passionate when it comes to recreating regional flavors in their dishes,” states Gabe Joseph, Editor in Chief of Best Chefs America. “With this series, we shed some light on the culture and cuisine of each state. We also highlight the most talented chefs in the South, according to chefs.”
Congrats to all of the chefs. Well deserved.