It’s that time again—but wasn’t it only yesterday?

On second thought, I may be thinking about Taco Week or Hot Brown Week. There are so many food-themed promo weeks, and so little time. Perhaps Joey Chestnut should travel throughout the nation, helping us to learn the fundamentals of competitive eating.

Or, conversely, just make it a point to hit a couple pizza spots, enjoy some pie, accompany them with refreshing soft or hard libations, and move on to the next dish.

Live to eat, not so much eat to live. Here is the overview for the sixth Louisville Pizza Week. whicn begins today, along with my apologies; I seem to have misplaced the usual information release, but all the pertinent facts are there at the website.


Louisville Pizza Week is seven days of paying homage to all things ‘za, no matter how you slice it. Each participating restaurant will bake up their own spin on the wheel – from signature pies to secret menu specialties and more. Let the Pizza Week App take you on a Louisville exploration; map out your week, try new restaurants, challenge your taste buds, and share your experiences on social with other Louisville pizza lovers.

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