The Red Eye S’more served at Matt Winn’s Steakhouse was the subject of Dan Dry’s practiced eye for the cover photo of Food & Dining Magazine, Vol. 68 (Sept, Oct and Nov 2020). The new showplace restaurant at Churchill Downs subsequently devoted a Facebook post to our feature story.–vROWr18O6rl6YPWu482LN5ZgSOXHhXjIPoKpUjY08Rx_HGr_2w8iTWtNv7YB6fwXMCxPtTOJNh8CZ7PBAi4CauNFZvF6gmBN6DGMaU4sYS_1-i1KPQoTbPE00yPcXBAK3S_Z6RbQv7b6ZoYj0cs_79M6Bt6wI4m0p7nSVNAwmFWs_60l7o4FDtlXOKS4LVOWyGACSkQOjS-h4oEoCsJhzUDIHxIN8_sIZqOgisrBt5p8QbZB6X1KBRw&__tn__=-R
F&D’s editor-in-chief Marty Rosen wrote our profile of Matt Winn’s, which can be read here at issuu. Now’s the time to get acquainted, because the 131st Fall Meet at Churchill Downs begins Sunday, October 25, and racing fans can return as spectators subject to COVID-19 heath and safety protocols.