If you want a carbonated soft drink with your dinner, don’t expect to get one at Mayan Café.

Why not? Because co-owners Bruce Ucan and Anne Shadle are as serious about serving fresh drink as much as they are about serving fresh food.
“It’s been a passion of ours—and a lot of hard work—to source sustainable ingredients and good foods to serve our customers,” said Shadle. “And the more we thought about the emphasis we put on what our food, we thought we also should do the same with our beverages.”
Want a sweet, non-alcoholic drink? You’ll have several fresh-squeezed juices from which to choose. Want a cocktail with Coke or Sprite? A server will work to offer several other options. Heck, their rotating cocktail menu is fantastic, so an adult beverage, such as the Cava Quava shown above, is no sacrifice).
During a recent dinner there the featured guest was Pepe Hermosillo, CEO and master distiller at Casa Noble Tequila in Tequila, Mexico. The small, batch artisan producer is one of only 19 companies in all of Mexico that is certified “green,” and it’s 100 percent organic tequila is aged far longer than most. Hermosillo’s commitment to such quality is one reason why his product was featured at Mayan Café.
“We thought it was a perfect match to our goal here of serving only the best ingredients we can find,” Shadle said. “And it doesn’t hurt that it’s really good tequila.”