Grind, the gourmet burger truck, is expanding its operations to include a restaurant location at 3311 Preston Hwy. If you recall, that was the former Oasis Sushi spot.

According to The Courier-Journal, owners Liz and Jesse Huot want to open up as soon as possible—required remodeling be damned. Being opened, they smartly believe, is more important than making sure absolutely everything is perfect.
Liz Huot told the C-J that part of why Grind will add a restaurant is because “The health department is cracking down on commissaries. If we don’t get into a kitchen there’s a good chance Grind (the truck) would be closed in six months.” (Unfortunately, the story doesn’t detail why the health department frowns on commissary kitchens.)
The business will begin with lunch service Tuesday through Friday, and eventually dinner will be added.
And while the couple has made a reputation for excellent burgers, Jesse Huot said the restaurant’s menu will be much more than the all-American sandwich. That means prices at lunch will range from $7-$12, and $14-$28 at dinner.
We’ll keep you posted as we learn more developments.