It’s been a long, slow road for one of the first and most enduring of Louisville’s food trucks, MozzaPi. Owner Tom Edwards has established a steady catering business with the wood-burning oven mounted on a truck chassis and has branched out into artisanal bread baking, grinding his own brands of stone-ground flours and grits, and providing hands-on classes in working with sourdough and pizza making. Now Edwards is ready to settle down and build himself a café and flour mill in Anchorage.

Edwards has bought the property at 12102 LaGrange Rd. on which he plans to build a café that he hopes to open by spring. He will serve pizzas. of course, and other baked goods, as well as sandwiches and salads. As the business develops, he has hopes for adding dinner. The recent closing of Anchorage Café offers a need that he thinks he café will fill.

The site will also be the location of his Louismill grain milling business, where he stone-grinds locally-grown organic wheat and corn to order, and runs classes in baking with artisanal flours.