I never watch cooking shows on TV, so I I know nothing of Nadia G or her Bitchin’ Kitchen. But, if you do know about her—and are caught up in “celebrity TV chef” culture—then this news is for you.

Nadia Giosia, who has the Cooking Channel showd, Nadia G’s Bitchin’ Kitchen and Bite This, shot a segment at Harvest, 624 E. Market St., on Monday and will be shooting again Wednesday.
Harvest chef Coby Ming thinks that the producers are interested in talking about burgoo, both as a regional food concept, and what Ming does with that concept in her kitchen.
What she generally does is make this multi-dimensional stew that way it is traditionally made–with whatever is on hand.  Her current version has pork, chicken and turkey, along with vegetables in season, along with corn and beans, all put together with a kind of mystic understanding. “No two pots are exactly the same,” Ming said in an interview with another publication.
Because traditional country versions of burgoo often make use of small game–rabbit, squirrel, opossum–Nadia and her city production guys will undoubtedly try to be funny. If you think that would be amusing to see, then word is that Monday’s shoot is a non-public event, but the Wednesday shoot is expected to be at the restaurant sometime around lunchtime.