So I’m at the farmers market this morning on Bardstown (across from Asiatique) and I queue up for a coffee at the Highland Coffee booth. And to my pleasant surprise, the winner of Food Network’s “Next Food Network Star” Damaris Phillips jumps behind the counter to help her friend out and ends up serving me my up my morning cup of coffee.  Thanks Damaris.
Although she did try to overcharge me by a buck, she was even more charming than on the show.
So I had to ask. Will the new show be filmed here in Louisville?
As it turns out, yes. The new Food Network Star, and Louisville resident, will be hosting her new Food Network show right here in the Ville.
Damaris is a jem, and I felt like I might have overstaying my welcome with my sudden barrage of questions. So she pleasantly asked that further questions be directed to the folks at Food Network.
Fair enough.
After all, she was just trying to help a friend dish out some coffee.
So all we know now is that it is confirmed her show will be filmed here in Louisville. Location and other details TBD.
Internet buzz says the new show will be named “The Damaris Project”. But if we had a vote, we would go with her pilot name from the show — “Eat, Date, Love”. Just saying girl.
Whatever the title, Damaris’s her show will be must see TV.