As seasons change, so do restaurant menus, to reflect changing tastes that come with the change of weather. Patrick O’Shea’s,123 W. Main St., is the latest restaurant to revamp their menu.
On the Starter section diners will now find a market-priced meat and cheese platter, Irish soda bread with jalapeno-Brie Benedictine spread, a Scotch egg served with chorizo and apricot jam, and a not-very-traditional-Irish dish, blackened mahi tacos.
Pub grub snack choices now include pepper jack cheese balls and Guinness beer cheese, fried green tomato with Cajun remoulade and Reuben wontons.
Supper dishes include a vegetable pot with root vegetables, winter squash and beans, and Scottish salmon. Lamb stew and Dublin coddle (sausages and potatoes, very Irish) are now available, along with lamb shank and bone-in chicken served with colcannon, the traditional Irish mixture of mashed potatoes and greens.
For more information call 708-2488.