These are the times that journalists simultaneously love and loathe: lots of news but almost too much to cover. Here’s just a sample of what’s going on currently in the Louisville restaurant scene.

  • Edward Lee, chef-co-owner of 610 Magnolia and MilkWood, has collaborated on a new bourbon to be released next week. It will be under the Jefferson Reserve brand’s Chef’s Collaboration line of “Ridiculously Small Batch” whiskies. Price is $39.99 a bottle for the high-rye bourbon Lee and Jefferson’s master blender Trey Zoeller created specifically to pair with food.
  • Seviche chef-owner Anthony Lamas recently went to Mexico, his mother’s homeland, to record an episode of “Back Home,” a new documentary television series produced by Diego Luna (“Milk,” “Y Tu Mamá También,” “Frida”) for Fusion Network. His Facebook page shows lots of pics from his travels to great restaurants and such. The episode will air Sunday, Nov. 10., on Fusion Network.
  • Come Monday, Oct. 14, we’ll have two new restaurants: Atlantic No. 5, the new restaurant to be opened by the same owners of Rye; and El Camino, which will be owned and operated by the same gang behind The Sliver Dollar Saloon. And in case you weren’t aware, this past Monday saw the opening of Brasserie Provence on Hurstbourne Lane.
  • Havana Rumba Express (in the Douglass Loop) has dropped its fast-casual front and has become a full-service spot like its two sisters. No word why, but one can assume owner Marcos Lorenzo didn’t think it worked as well as the others.
  • And while we’re in the Loop, note that two new places are coming there: a restaurant named Loop 22, which will be run by the same duo behind Hammerheads and Game; and Great Flood Brewing, which will be a taproom, not a brewpub (i.e. no food component.)