Even when it’s quiet, there’s always something afoot in Louisville restaurants

Wipe those bits of gumbo/po’ boys/etoufée/beignets from your mugs, Fat Tuesday is over. Let’s get back to the daily scene here, where something’s always going on even if it’s just in the background.
Like the big sell-off at John E’s this week. Owners hosted a five-hour auction to sell everything, collect the cash and put a stake in the longtime steakhouse’s life. And yet, there’s been no such auction at Lynn’s Paradise Café. The place is still ready for business. What could one infer from that?
The better burger bonanza got its newest entrant yesterday with the opening of Game (2295 Lexington Road). It’s run by the owners of Hammerheads, who long ago proved their mettle with meat, fire and smoke. Should be great. Next up: Sidebar at Whiskey Row, which will specialize in burgers, bourbon and beer. (And if you haven’t checked out Mussel & Burger Bar, put it on your list.)
And as if you needed another excuse to drink good stuff at Meat, word has it a Napa Valley winemaker is making two wines for the Butchertown speakeasy. Cool, huh?
Anything you’d like to add to this list? Things we need to watch? Feel free to comment.