Ever heard of a turducken?

Though it sounds nearly like a foul word, it’s actually just a fowl word describing the mealtime mashup of a turkey stuffed with a boned duck that’s stuffed with a boned chicken and slow roasted.

John Varanese, chef-owner of his eponymous restaurant in Clifton, has sold these for several years during the holidays and is continuing that takeout tradition this year.
Whetted your appetite? Perhaps a few more details will:
The turducken is filled with Cajun stuffing, roasted in the oven and served with a spicy sauce. A variety of delicious sides are also available, such as mashed sweet potatoes, sweet potato casserole, green beans, mashed potatoes, and cranberry chutney.
In other words, they roll it up, you roast it up and serve it up with virtually no cleaning up.
Sweet, no?
OK, it’s savory. We get it, word nerds! Let’s just agree that it’s tasty.
Price? That varies on the size of the Turducken and side item choices.
The complete meal is available for pick up 24 to 48 hours before serving. In order to guarantee pick up in time for the holidays, orders must be placed by Dec. 20 for Christmas.
To place an order or to gather more information, please call Varanese Restaurant at 502-899-9904, or visit its website.