Dating back to medieval Germany, bock beer, brewed to be slightly more alcoholic than traditional lagers, was a traditional marker of spring. It was started in the depths of winter, and aged for release to sustain the populace through the rigors of Lenten fasts, which were  certainly more seriously followed in 1400 than Lenten rules are today.

This spring tradition will be re-started in NuLu Saturday, March 26. Bock festivals are still a part of Cincinnati’s festival scene,  Garage Bar general manager Maggie Smith, who moved to Louisville from Cincinnati, thought the idea would be ideal for NuLu. NuLu is the appropriate venue, for that is the location of the curiously named Billy Goat Strut and Nanny Goat Strut alleys – and “bock” is German for “billy goat”.

In addition to bock beers brewed by several area breweries, and food provided by NuLu area restaurants, there will be goat racing between Billy Goat Strut and Nanny Goat Strut alleys.

This is the schedule of events planned so far, as uncovered by Inside Louisville

The Bock Fest schedule:

Noon — Blessing of the goats and beer

1 p.m. — Kentucky Guild of Brewers Goat Race (each goat will represent a KGB brewery)

2 p.m. — Kid (aka baby goat) race, winner advances

3 p.m. — Adult goat race, winner advances

4 p.m. — Kid goat race No. 2, winner advances

5 p.m. — Adult race No. 2, winner advances

6 p.m. — Kid race final, winner crowned

7 p.m. — Adult race final, winner crowned

There will, of course, be live entertainment, with the schedule still to be determined. The event is from noon-8 p.m in the 600 and 700 blocks of East Market Street. Sponsors as of today are Garage Bar, JEB Advertising, MagBooth and the Green Building.