After 30 years purveying bulk spices, beans, flours, coffees, “penny” candies and much else that knowledgeable cooks needed and could almost always find, at great prices, in just the quantities they needed, Nuts ‘n’ Stuff owners Paul and Mel Pfister have announced that they are closing their business.
The store has been around, under various ownership, since 1984, first on Preston St. in Germantown, then further out Preston in a little strip mall near Value City, and for the last three years at the corner of Barret and Kentucky Sts.
“I think it’s a valuable asset to the community,” Paul Pfister said. “I’m sorry that evidently other people didn’t feel the same way! It’s just there’s just been less and less interest in this neighborhood, so we just don’t have the foot traffic and the shoppers that we used to.”
Pfister added that everything is for sale, including the business. Here is one long-time fan who hopes some young business person will step up and continue the great service Nuts ‘n’ Stuff has provided the community over the years.
Nut ‘n’ Stuff will be open until the end of October at 1000 Barret Avenue.