After a fairly quick renovation of the space at 1702 Bardstown Rd., owners of Wild Eggs and Wild Rita’s, Shane Hall and J. D. Rotherburg , are scheduled to open Strati Wild Italian Sept. 29.  Wild Eggz Director of Marketing, Lauren Henson said in a press release,  “We really hope to open several. No one else is really doing fast-casual Italian and it’s great because the food isn’t necessarily heavy, it can be light and healthy.”
The menu will include things like chicken amore wrap, with grilled chicken, artichoke hearts, basil, dried tomatoes and red pepper ricotta; beef Gorgonzola cavatappi with roasted mushrooms and artichoke hearts; and shrimp scampi salad.
If you want to roam around in an eclectic menu, the new East End place Shoyu Fusion Restaurant, 2610 Chamberlain Ln., might be a place to check out. It has been open since August, serving Japanese, Korean and Mexican food, with many small plate offerings that break down ethnic barriers–bulgogi burger, mac n’ kimcheese, fajitas with kimchee, that sort of thing. Sushi too. The phone there is  (502) 290-9493.
The closing news that has been lighting up local food commentary is Papalino’s Pizza, 947 Baxter Ave.  The official line is that the owners are looking for another space in the Highlands. (The East End location, 3598 Springhurst Blvd. is still serving.) On-line commentary has focused on the recent lack of focus of the Highlands store since original owner Allan Rosenberg sold out his interest to become executive chef at Cena, his re-envisioning of The Place Downstair below Mussel & Burger Bar, 9200 Taylorsville Rd. Fans of the New York-style by-the-slice or by-the-pie purveyor are saddened by the news.
Papalinos spokesperson Luke Blackburn was quoted as saying, “We love being in the Highlands and want to continue to make the best pizza for our faithful followers. And while Baxter Ave. was our beginning, the site has experienced difficulties and is not the best for our new format in line with our new Italian Pub concept. We know it will be an inconvenient gap as we relocate and re-build, but we are confident that a new home will carry on our great Papalinos Pizza experience and then some.”
Another closing for fans to mourn is that of Sari-Sari, the little Filipino place at 2339 Frankfort Ave.  After a good run of a decade or so, with many fans of its daily lunch buffet,  the restaurant closed with little hoopla and much regret of its followers.