Lynn’s Paradise Café closes abruptly on Jan. 11

Insider Louisville: Lynn’s Paradise Café, one of Louisville’s most iconic restaurants, closed abruptly Friday night.Guests gathered for a recent New Year’s Day pajama party at Lynn’s Paradise Cafe.
A statement authored by founder and owner, Lynn Winter, was released to the press late Friday, but gave no reason other than saying, “As of January 11, 2013 Lynn’s Paradise Café has closed its doors.
“Thank you to all of our loyal customers and faithful employees for making it possible to run a 22-year business.”
Over the past week, LPC has been the talk of the town, but not for its clever food, kitschy décor or colorful owner.Following her Jan. 2 termination, LPC server Lelia DiFazio lashed out at Winter on WLKY-32’s Facebook page, saying she was wrongly let go because she could not comply with a new rule tied to the restaurant’s tip sharing policy.
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