Whoever called the restaurant business “crazy” really sold it short. Crazy is just a normal day in foodservice. 

To wit:
* Yesterday’s Courier-Journal featured a story in which Lynn Winter, founder and owner of Lynn’s Paradise Café, says she’s got four potential buyers for her restaurant.
More interesting is her claim that shingles drove her to close the landmark business after 22 years, and that she had endured two heart attacks prior to its abrupt closure nearly one year ago. Click here to read more.
* Team Martinez is at it again! The trio of Fernando, Christina and Yaniel Martinez, owners of Guaca Mole and Mussel & Burger Bar, plan to open a taqueria named El Taco Luchador at 938 Baxter Ave.
Target date is the last week of December. Seriously. Just weeks before they’ll open The Place Downstairs (located in the gussied up basement of MBB) in January.
What makes this news even more impressive is the fact that husband and wife, Fernando and Christina, are currently on vacation, sailing in the British Virgin Islands and Facebooking scads of enviable pictures. Talk about calm before the storm.
For those counting at home, this would make four restaurants in less than three years for their company.
Equally noteworthy is the talk among other restaurateurs around town about Team Martinez. In a nutshell, all say they’ve got it going on like no one else.
* Yet another Asian food option is coming to the heart of the Highlands, specifically the former Kashmir Indian Restaurant at 1285 Bardstown Road.
According to WDRB.com, The Joy Luck will open in January and serve authentic Chinese food “not offered anywhere else in Louisville,” according to Alvin Lin of AJ Investment Group.
Styles will cover the cuisines of Canton, Taiwan and Beijing and entrees will range between $14 and $18 each.
To be at the ready, we’re typing with our chopsticks right now.
* But wait, there’s more … A new Panera Bread Co. restaurant will be opened next year–catty-corner from the Hurstbourne Lane location of another Panera Bread Co. If anyone needed any indication of how well this chain is doing here, here’s all the proof required. You’ll soon be able to get Panera treats in J-Town coming and going. Click here to read more.