The NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament is better than Christmas for the staff at Food & Dining. That our University of Louisville Cardinals’ men’s and women’s teams are in their respective Final Fours is darn-near more than we can take. It’s a wonder we can get any work done around here.

But alas, our desire to serve you, dear readers, and our need to maintain jobs that pay motivate us to stay at it. And when we’re not on the job, we’re out and
about, soaking in the tourney with the hoi polloi, cheering obnoxiously in some bar or restaurant and high-fiving complete strangers who share our joy.
If you’re one of those who hasn’t ventured out to partake of this once in a lifetime hoops freak fantasy come true, we encourage you to do so. It’s a memory-making blast that might not recur in our lifetimes, so get in while the getting’s good—and it’s REALLY good right now.
Don’t know where to go? We’ve got you covered.
Our friends at Insider Louisville compiled a list of great places—ranging from the upscale to the casual, but all Card friendly—to watch the game and enjoy yourselves.
We invite you to not only read this list, but to suggest additions to it on our Facebook page. Let us know where you like to watch these games, and who knows? Maybe we’ll see you there.
Click here to read the list.