Apparently even when you cook a menu that varies daily with available fresh ingredients as Tyler Morris and his staff at Rye do, you get a little antsy.  So, why not try a pop-up restaurant that stretches your cooking chops?

Friday, February 28, 6:30 p.m., Rye on Market will offer a special dinner at their sister location, Atlantic No. 5, 605 W. Main St.  The particulars can be found here.
The inspiration for the dinner is the variety of different ingredients and tastes that Japanese and other Asian cuisines offer. Rye’s manager, Jessica Hart, said, “Chefs love toying with all the ingredients of Japanese cuisine.  They like the idea of ramen bars, and this is a way to see what fun we can have with that idea.  We have been playing with the idea [of a pop-up restaurant] for a while, but this is our first go at it.  It is nice to have a sister restaurant that we don’t have to rent out.”
Atlantic No. 5 is the lunch spot Rye’s owners opened last fall.  “We’ve catered Rye events there before,” Hart said, “because the space is so big.  We can do events that we can’t do at Rye.”
Chef Tyler Morris emphasized that the menu is still in the works, and that while Japanese cuisine is a primary inspiration, he does not want to be tied too tightly to traditional Japanese dishes. “We’ll have some sashimi, some barbecue, some other meats and vegetables,” Morris said. “We just want to cook some food that we would like to eat.  We want to try something we don’t do all the time, try to push ourselves creatively. It will be family-style format.  Just get some wine, put several plates in the middle of the table and enjoy.
The $60 price will include a welcoming cocktail. Other alcohol is not included.  Call Rye at 749-6200 for more details.