If you like Rye on Market, the quirky, humble, bo-ho restaurant in NuLu, home of food and cocktails worth fighting for, you’ll probably love Atlantic No. 5, the bistro-like restaurant Rye’s partners will open this fall.

Michael Trager-Kusman, who heads MTK Productions, which owns Rye, says Atlantic No. 5, much like their first venture, will be casual and relaxed. Unlike Rye it will serve light breakfasts, including authentic bagels—and we all know those are in short supply here!
Trager-Kusman said, “We want it to be a place you come and go, stop and have a snack, a light dinner, a beer or a glass of wine,” and added that, “We’ve really been inspired by places like Parm in New York, which is more of a lunch spot, Publican Quality Meats in Chicago, and Russ and Daughters, also in New York City.”
So what’s in the name? Atlantic is a brand of lunchboxes commonly used by construction workers in the first half of the last century. The No. 5 designates the style. (You’ve surely seen the black, arched metal boxes in old photographs of iron workers relaxing high above city streets.) That humble design is likely indicative of the low-key simplicity we’re to expect from the concept.
According to Trager-Kusman, the menu will include items such as sandwiches, salads, rotisserie chicken, smoked fish, pork, lamb and house-made charcuterie.
Um, yum!
Wanna watch the construction evolve? You can stick your noses against the windows at 605 W. Main Street and watch it move quickly. It’s now mid-July and Trager-Kusman expects a late September opening is possible. Soft openings are expected, of course, and at worst, he said the public will get full access come the first week in October.
So, think about this: Within about a block and a half will be Atlantic No. 5, Bristol Bar & Grille, Proof on Main and St. Charles Exchange. A lot of good eatin’ for very little walkin’.