Skip beers at the sports bar and do some real Sunday drinkin’ here: On Oct. 13, the Louisville Cocktail Competition runs from 1:30-5 p.m. at the Tim Faulkner Gallery (943 Franklin Street) in Butchertown, where many of the city’s top bartenders will be challenged to produce their best mint julep, a Seelbach cocktail or old fashioned.

Sure, those are drinks you’ve heard of all your adult (legal) drinking life, but you’ve likely not had ‘em this good–especially the much maligned mint julep.
For the price of $12, you can get in and enjoy food provided by the soon-to-be-open Atlantic No. 5, and hear a live D.J. working the board.
If you want to drink—and of course you do, right? You are at a cocktail competition—cocktail tickets are $5 each or five for $20.
Here’s how to slash that admission price to zero (well, kinda): Nab a spirits passport at a participating bar Louisville bar such as The Silver Dollar, Decca, Monkey Wrench, Proof on Main, St. Charles Exchange, Garage Bar, La Coop, Harvest, Doc Crow’s or Rye on Market, order an Old Forester Bourbon (maybe the best bourbon bargain on the market, just sayin’), get your passport stamped five times (at multiple places and over multiple days, please!) and present your passport at the door Sunday night.
We promise showing your passport won’t be like going through TSA at the airport: no frisking, wanding or obscure questions. Well, not unless you request that.