Finally, a gin class in the heart of Bourbon Country!

No, it’s not sacrilege, it’s diversity that promotes knowledge in the mind, variety on the bar and great flavors in the glass.
The Food & Dining team is an equal option consumer group, meaning we’ll drink about anything if tastes good.
And gin tastes great, which the folks at Moonshine University (part of the Distilled Spirits Epicenter located at 801 S. 8th St.) know, so they’re offering a 2-hour Gin Enthusiast class that will explore the classifications and botanicals of gin, as well as its resurgence of its popularity in the United States.
The class takes place on Saturday, Nov. 9, from 3 to 5 p.m. and costs $29 per person.
According to a news release, “The Gin Enthusiast class, like Moonshine University’s Bourbon Enthusiast classes, is suitable for both novices and connoisseurs. The afternoon will include a lesson on the making and history of gin, sensory evaluations of different types of gins and gin botanicals and a distillery tour. Class participants will also have the opportunity to work together to create a custom gin based on their favorite botanicals.”
That final part is the coolest: the chance to create a custom gin in class.
Gin school rocks!
For bourbon drinkers who are repulsed by gin, know that most gin drinkers are similarly repulsed by bourbon for the same reasons. As Jim Beam master distiller Fred Noe says about bad bourbon experiences, most people first tasted Kentucky nectar at a tailgate party where they chugged it out of the bottle. “Since that usually doesn’t go too well, that’s bound to turn anybody off to bourbon.”
This is similar to my bourbon intro tale, and as a result I spent the next few decades avoiding it altogether until I learned to taste it and understand it. I have since learned to enjoy and actually crave bourbon.
The same can happen with gin, which I pretty much liked from the start.
Friends I know who don’t like it commonly purloined it from their parents’ liquor cabinets without having any idea of how to drink it properly—nope, the fools didn’t even add tonic and lime.
Hence the need for such a class as this. And an affordable one at that.
If you’re a spirits fan who wants to learn more and turn your nose up less at the broad panoply of well-crafted options out there, spending $29 on an afternoon’s education is a bargain.
Plus, it’ll expose you—if you’ve not already been there—to the Distilled Spirits Epicenter, which is one of the coolest newish businesses in town.
So what are you waiting for? To register, call 502-301-8126 or email