Sidebar,  129 N. Second St. in the Whiskey Row Lofts, will step out of its usual niche of burgers and salads, with a four-course Wild Turkey Dinner to honor Master Distiller Jimmy Russell’s 60th year in the Bourbon business.

Sidebar’s General Manager and Culinary Manager, Jason Pierce, has put together a special menu using a range of  Wild Turkey bourbons.
The Wild Turkey dinner menu will include dishes flavored with Wild Turkey bourbons, paired with Wild Turkey bourbon cocktails, such as the opening reception drink, made with Wild Turkey Spiced.
The first course will be a Bourbon butternut squash soup paired with Wild Turkey 81, followed by a salad of mixed greens, Bourbon candied beets and a warm Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon bacon vinaigrette.
The entrée will be a chicken breast stuffed with wild mushroom bacon jam, with a  Bourbon mustard cream reduction and sides of maple-glazed green beans and long grain field rice. The spirit pairing will be Wild Turkey Rye 101.  Dessert will be bread pudding with golden raisin and Wild Turkey 101 White Sauce, paired with Wild Turkey Rare Breed.
The dinner and drink pairings will be $60.  Call (502) 384-1600.