So Kathy Cary turns 60 and what does she do? Nope, no bridge, no canasta, no grandmaternal sock knitting.

She goes off and shows that she’s still tougher than many in her trade by opening, er, um, reopening La Peche Gourmet to Go and Café at 1147 Bardstown Rd.
If you were around before she closed La Peche (which means, “the peach”) 16 years ago and got to grab your grub there, expect the same excellent food of yesteryear—only freshly prepared, of course. Things like ready-made soups, entrees, spreads, hors d’oeuvre, lots of things already available at Lilly’s but in a relaxed carryout format and with lower prices.
There will be about a dozen seats inside (more outside when weather permits) if you want to have a quick bite or even a cocktail while you’re waiting for your order to be prepared.
If you don’t want to wait at all, just grab prepared items from the refrigerated cases.
When Cary closed La Peche, she had young children at home she needed to mother, plus she thought it best to convert the space into a non-smoking dining room. (Good gosh, remember smoking in restaurants? Seems like eons ago.)
Today, however, the whole of Lilly’s is smoke free, so she can use that space to redo the grab-and-go service. She believes it’ll work especially well given the hurried, harried masses who want and need good food, but don’t necessarily want to eat out.
She also sees such a surge in demand for vegetarian and gluten-free food that many of those items will be on her menu.
La Peche will be open for biz Tuesday-Friday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., and on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.