The Louisville restaurant world is competitive, for sure. The key to survival is knowing your clientele, your location, your competition, and acting to maximize your position vis a vis all the variables.

Bill Darling, owner of The Coach Lamp, at 751 Vine St., has now re-imagined his place in the local eating scene, and last Saturday reopened as Brooke & Billy’s Bites Bourbon and Brews. Named in honor of his daughter, Darling has re-focused his menu. Rather than the upscale casual fare that included everything from steaks to Cajun dishes, the new concept is built around reasonably priced burgers, sandwiches, salads and bar-type appetizers.

Darling thinks that given his neighborhood, the changes he made will make his business more relaxed and comfortable, a better fit for the neighborhood.

Before Darling’s tenure as owner, the Coach Lamp was a neighborhood tavern, and image that was hard to shake even as the neighborhood on the edge of Germantown changed. Darling re-worked the business’s image with the help of the “Restaurant Impossible” TV show, which encouraged him to emphasize his very pleasant patio. That publicity was a temporary boost, but Darling thinks his new focus will work better for the long term.

The restaurant’s new name reflects the re-emphasis of the bar’s role. He will have a hundred or so Bourbon brands to choose from, priced reasonably. Beer will play a starring role as well. Click here for a look at the new menu.